Welcome to Stevies page. Stevie is 15 years old, he suffers from Tuberous Sclerosis.
This condition causes severe Epilepsy and learning difficulties. Stevie has now outgrown
his present wheelchair and now needs one that is more suited to his condition. One that will be more comfortable for him and easier to handle for his parents. Made to measure!!. We are a small team of friends and over the coming months we are planning various fundraising events and activities to help purchase a new wheelchair for Stephen, a local teenager. We will put several collection t
ins in local shops and set up a Paypal account for online donations. Please feel free to share our page and we will post regular updates of our continued progress..

First Fund Raiser

Charly, Marcella, Hannah and Lois have arranged to go to Deep Sea World’s Underwater Safari and come face-to-face with their huge Sand Tiger sharks, Conger Eels, Thornback Rays, Stingray and over 1000 fish in what’s one of the UK’s only guaranteed underwater shark encounters...would you like to sponsor them..We will post up the donation link next week.
Please share our page with your friends..Thank you in advance for your support.

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events